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Oklahoma's Number One Rustic Wedding Venue!

It doesn't matter if you call it a Western Wedding, Country Wedding, Cowboy Wedding or a Old West Wedding it's a Rustic Wedding to us!
Do you want yours to be a real Old West Wedding or Shotgun Wedding? Or do you want to renew your vows? If so Rollins Creek Old West Town is the perfect Wedding Venue for you.

Marriage is a solemn vow to love one person and to stay true to that person for the rest of your life and is not something that is entered into lightly. It's your special day, and it should be exactly the kind of day that YOU want it to be.

For many people a western style wedding, complete with white laced-up cowgirl boots for the bride and a ten gallon hat for the groom, adds a touch of lighthearted romance to the ceremony. For others, a cowboy theme wedding is a lifestyle commitment that's just as serious as one of them there fancy New York City Weddings.

Come on out and get hitched at the "Hitching Post" in front of the Paradise Saloon. Let us make your special day one that everyone will remember. Add a horse drawn carriage to bring the Bride in to town. Have some fun and make it a Shotgun Wedding! Let us entertain your guest with an Old West Gunfight!

The possibilities for a very unique and fun Wedding are unlimited​!​